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Not a-lot of time, working weekends, or can't find the time to complete in the classroom  education.


This class option is ideal for you.  It allows you the flexibility to learn and study from home. 


However, it is not an online class only, you must finish the mandatory requirement to come in person, take they hands on firearm instruction, the written multiple choice test and live shooting requirement at the range. To be in compliance with State mandates.


How it works. 


Purchase Hybrid course

Once we receive purchase confirmation, you will receive a full class pdf & multi-media slide show. 

Print out or follow the course pdf, in conjunction with the slide show & videos.

Write down questions & follow the  lessons.

Read all slides , watch all videos, complete and return test.

Once completed- we will schedule the in person live shooting qualification portion of the class. 

You will have 6 months time after purchase, to complete the in person portion of class.

Please keep proof of purchase-All sales are final- no refunds   


You must stay on top of your purchase date and qualification timeline. 

No reminders will be sent. 

We will work with you, to make the process as smooth as possible. 


All students in person- will need to have or rent:

Eye protection 

Hearing protection 

Handgun / pistol

30 rounds ammunition 

Range fee of $20 not included 

The Successful completion of this hybrid class, will allow

you to apply for a Concealed Carry Permit



In this course you will learn about the main topics

pertaining to the carrying of handguns in the

state of Florida.


The overall objective of this

course is to educate students on the

responsibilities and laws applicable to handgun

license holders.


Range fee $20 is not included with purchase - if handgun rentals are needed -rentals can be arranged.

Course was designed for those who wish to learn at

their own pace or individuals with a very busy

schedule. This online course is great for both first

time students as well as those just looking to renew

their permits.

After successful completion of your online course,

At the live fire exercise, we can answer

any questions you have regarding the material

covered in the online course.


• A handgun of any caliber.

• 1 box (30 rounds) of brass-cased ammunition.

• Eye and ear protection (Rentals are available if needed)


• Valid I.D.

Do you have more than one person who'd like to take

this course?


Course must be purchased individually if you have

more than one person.

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